All products from Rebel Soule-RS Collections are made by hand. This means that there may imperfections to the products. Not all lines are going to be perfectly straight, the sealant may have bubbles or lumps (though I do my best to keep at a min), and the decals may not be perfect. This again is due to each product being hand made by one person (Lindsey Robinson) not a machine. Each cup is made with love and time. Due to this, it takes time to make each cup, usually 3-5 weeks, sometimes longer. If you need the cup by a deadline please let me know ahead of time. Once I start a cup I send pictures to get the customers approval before I seal them, this is the time that the design can be altered. I do not seal without approval. Once the cup is sealed I CANNOT change the design. The sealant I use is epoxy and needs 4 days to completely cure. Due to each cup being custom they are NON-REFUNDABLE. All cups are shipped priority and once they are sent I have no control over how fast or when they are delivered. Please let me know if you have any questions.